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#9 - daredevil icons (20)

Hello! Here's my icons for the 4th challenge at 20muses

Despite the fact that the theme was literally "simple", it wasn't easy for me. I love both simple and complex icons, but I tend to do more of the latter. So, it was hard to make twenty icons all simple. Not to mention not being able to add text! Sometimes I just feel the need to add it, otherwise it looks empty to me. Don't get me wrong, I see so many beautiful simple icons (particularly close crops and muted colorings) that are just lovely, and occasionally I try to make some myself, but I'm never sure of the result because I'm not used to make them. I know, it doesn't make a lot of sense LOL

Basically, to cut the story short, I wanted to try. Mainly to force myself to avoid my usual style for once. Not sure how it went though, nevertheless, here they are! :3


Hover over the icon to see its main aspect.

▸ if you take any icon, credit kitamikeita or melodyoftears
▸ comments are wonderful
▸ textless icons are not bases
▸ feel free to watch

Tags: - icons, tv: daredevil
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You did an amazing job!! I'm snagging "light" and will credit, many thanks! ♥
Thank you very much! :)
You did really awesome! I love your colors!
I also had difficulty making simple icons.
I'm all about textures and doing unique little quirks to making icons different.
There were a couple in my set I so badly wanted to add text to but had to refrain from doing it to fit the challenge. lol

Thank you! I feel you about the text, I really wanted to add it to almost all of them and had to restrain myself too LOL
This set is AWESOME and you should be proud!!!! I love that despite them being simple, they have so much instensity.
I also love how you organised them like a rainbow, it looks stunning together!
I especially like 1, 2, 3, 9, 10 and 15 and the crop in 18 is amazeballs! I know that cap is a pain in the ass because I tried to work with it and everything I did just didn't look good, and you made it look amazing, so congrats for this set, because it's just beautiful :)
Thank you! This comment made my day! I'm really happy that you like so many of them, especially since you're one of the maker of the "many beautiful simple icons" to wich I was referring :D

I love that despite them being simple, they have so much instensity.

You don't know how glad I am to read that! When I try to make simpler icons, I always fear that they may seem dull or lacking something. So yay :)

The rainbow thing was a consequence of my not having been able to make five icon for each aspect and wanting to order them somehow.

Lastly, I'm both incredulous and glad that you like the crop of 18! I chose that cap thinking it could have become an interesting crop, but ultimately I wasn't sure of the result, since I changed it so many times (both crop and coloring), then I just gave up leaving it that way.

Again, thank you so much for your comment ♥


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I think you did a wonderful job. The colors, composition and crops are beautiful, as is your use of negative space.
I really like these kinds of icons.
Thank you very much :)
FUCK. So many people make simple, direct icons look so layered and complex. How do you guys do it?! I absolutely loooove the green in 6 and think it's to die for. So crisp and intense and eye-catching. The cutout is so clean and sharp, too! Absolutely adore the icy blue tones in 10 and 11. The subtle silhouettes in 10 are amazing and give a slightly wistful, haunting vibe. And the pops of orange contrasting with the blue in 11 are fantastic! The crop in 18 is flat-out phenomenal, and 19 and 20 have the most gorgeous sharpness and delicate lighting! :D
Aww! I'm so glad to read this comment!

I'm glad you like the green in 6, because it almost became bright blue (or icy blue, like you said) at some point. But then I liked it in both ways, so I kept the green to prevent too many blue icons (my new color phase appears to be blue lol). I made the silhouettes on a whim, to avoid leaving simply the original background like in some others, but also wanting to add something without making the icon too complex (in fact it's the only one I'm not entirely sure of its "simpleness" so to speak lol). Also I'm really glad you like 18, 19 and 20 because they are among those that I didn't like very much before, so I changed their colorings :D


1 year ago

These are amazing! I adore the colors, so clean and lovely, and the lighting is done so beautifully.
I saved #7, 8 (it's my favorite I think), 14 and 17; thank you for sharing!
Thank you very much! #8 is one of my favorite too. Not being able to add text or complex things, I tried to focus on coloring and lighting, so I'm glad to know you like them :)
These are so beautifully wonderful I literally love them all!! Your use of color and cropping is just gorgeous!! :)
Thank you so much! :D
Wow, I LOVE the bright vibrant colors you have going on! :D And seriously, 10 is so compositionally amazing but still simple, I can't even. I also really love 2, 3, 11 and 20!
Thank you! I love bright vibrant colors! I also try to make some with pale and muted colorings, but I always end up doing more vibrant than muted ones. I love what you wrote about 10, like I said above, I wanted to add something special without it becoming too complex :)
I love rainbow effect in batch♥♥♥
My favs are 3 ( like contrast between red and yellow ant at the same yime it's so vibrant), 9(blue coloring and light is amazing),10(silhouettes and lighting and composition is jus flawless), 14(great purple-violet coloring),18 (close crop and moment is superb).
Great set!
Thank you very much! I find that arranging the icons according to rainbow colors always makes them prettier (at least to me, I love colors lol) I'm glad you like so many of them :)
Wow, I love your use of colour ! And it's nice to see bright icons for such a dark show.

My favourites are 4, 10, 11 and 20. Amazing work !
Thank you! I can't help but to use bright and vibrant colorings :)

Also, I'm glad you like #4, it's one of those which seemed to me a little empty without text lol
the colors in these is stunning, how do you manage to make it looks so fresh and vibrant at the same time is beyond me.
I love simple, mainly because I can't use text on icons so I always go back to my close crops, so this post is especially amazing for me. not only that, but your caps' choice is simply wonderful, looking at number 2 especially, I would have never dared to use that cap to make an icon but it's simply gorgeous!
also I'm blown away by the use of lighting in number 5, it's so hard to get that much with out of Daredevil caps so great job on that one.
overall this post is such a rainbowgasm I am in love.
saving pretty much them all :D
I'm loving this comment, thank you so much! Like I said I don't often make so many simple icons all at once, so to know that I managed to make a good job in some way, makes me particularly happy. As for the cap of #2, I simply HAD to use that frame (I even marked the exact minute of the episode while I was watching it, to remeber where it was lol), it was very hard, it being really dark, but in the end I managed to bend it to my will lol
Thanks again and yay rainbows! :D
Wow, gorgeous vibrant coloring on all of these. I love how you don't erase the background completely, e.g. on 1, 10, 14. 3 and 4 are my faves (just because I love the color so much). But there's something special about 17, too.
Thank you! I didn't erase it completely to enhance the original details of the caps :)
The coloring is really beautiful! My favorite is 3 :)
Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the coloring :)
Love,love,love the bright colors! #20 is fantastic, especially :D
Thank you very much! :D
Really nice set! I love all of the colors, and 4, 10, & 11 are my favorites~
Thank you! :)
I absolutely adore the coloring and use of negative space on this whole set! 3, 4, 10 and 14 are amazing <3
The crop of 5 is also great, just like the lighting of 20.
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like them :)
The colouring use in 2 and 4 is so gorgeous. The red really works like that. I also like the way the colours work in 16- it's so hard to make colouring work like that, but I think it works in that icon, especially with the fading to black. Also, lovely lighting in 19 and 20 and great cropping in 5. So pretty.
Thank you very much! Especially for the thoughts on #16, unfortunately it's my least favorite of the entire set. I liked the original lighting of the cap e I planned on enhancing it, but after various attempts, I'm not entirely sure of the final result, but I didn't have more time (or patience) to remake it, so I left it this way lol
These are absolutely amazing, I can't even pick a favorite, I love them all! Really gorgeous coloring and I love your crops and use of negative space! :)
Thank you so much! I'm really happy you like all of them :D
The use of color on this set is really interesting! My favorites are 3, 6, 14, 16, 19, and 20.
Thank you very much! :)
Omg, all the colors in this post are so beautiful! I've only seen two episodes of Daredevil but based on those it looked like a super difficult show to make vibrant/bright icons of, so mad respect for how you managed to make them exactly that! :>
These are a really great set as a whole and it's difficult to pick individual favorites. I looove all the negative space icons thouigh. 15 is super pretty with the shiny purples., and 6 and 13 are great full body crop icons, I love your shiny gradient-y backgrounds. Ooohh and 8!! LOVE the bright cyans and how bright the characters are too. The intense coloring in 3 is impressive and I love the subtle texcture use that makes the background in 4 interesting. 10 and 11 both use the original background in really cool ways - LOVE the faded silhouette look you gave to the other characters/surroundings in 10, super creative! and I also love gow the red/orange details pop against the blues in 11. Love the crop and mutedness of 18, and 16 is another stellar icon, love love love the intense magenta and the chiaroscuro effect. Wonderful set! ♥
Thank you so much for this lovely comment! ♥

Yes, I have to admit that the caps of this show are by far the most difficult I've worked with, but my love for vibrant and bright colors prevailed lol
I'm glad you like so many of them, but I'm especially pleased to know you like 15 and 16 because they're among those which did not convince me at the time. I'm happy you like those aspects of 8 'cause they were my "goals" when I started it! I tried to make also some icons with the original background to avoid doing all of them with solid ones.

Again, thank you! :D
7 and 8 look like the perfect negative space icons, I don't know how you did it! All of these are so vibrant, it's stunning.
Thank you very much! I love vibrant colors and I have a soft spot for negative space as well :3

my faves: 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 15, 16, and 20.
Really beautiful set :)
Thank you! I'm glad you like so many of them :)
Bellissime ciot *_________* La 4 la 10 e la 20 sono le mie preferite in assoluto **
Aww *-* Grazie Bea ♥ :D
Onestamente nonostante la semplicità, queste icons riescono lo stesso a
dare l'impressione di essere complesse; nel senso che sono molto studiate
ed è palese che tu ci abbia messo grande impegno e passione. C'è una grande
emotività nei close crops, e le luci, insieme ai colori, l'accentuano. #5, #12 & #18
sono semplicemente spettacolari. #2, #3, #4, #9, #10, #11 & #13 hanno composizioni
magnifiche. Adoro l'effetto grunge delle ultime due e amo da impazzire la #16.
Salvo un bel po' di creazioni! *O*
Grazie mille per il fantastico commento ♥

Specialmente questa parte:

Onestamente nonostante la semplicità, queste icons riescono lo stesso a
dare l'impressione di essere complesse; nel senso che sono molto studiate
ed è palese che tu ci abbia messo grande impegno e passione.

Perché è vero, ho cercato di curare ogni dettaglio, quindi mi fa piacere che in qualche modo si sia notato :)

Poi sono contentissima ti siano piaciuti i close crops, sono quelli che fatico un po' di più a fare perché non sempre mi convincono subito xD

Poi mi fa piacere ti piaccia la 16 perché è quella che mi convinceva di meno (forse anche perché l'ho fatta leggermente più in fretta delle altre lol)

Thanks :D


1 year ago