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#8 - izombie icons (20)

Hi! Here's my icons for the 3rd challenge at 20muses

At the moment it's extremely late here and I really have to go to sleep. So, hoping that I made it in time, I'll just dump the icons now, and make a decent post tomorrow. Sorry for now LOL

So, yesterday I didn't have time to make a proper post, therefore I'm doing it now.
After the previous challenge I thought I'd take a break this month and skip this round, but then the inspiration post came up and ... colors! I mean, I love them! And so I felt compelled to at least try. Despite my undying love for colors, I struggle a little when it comes to color combinations that aren't monochromatic. But I wanted to challenge myself, so I chose the normal mode, and even though I almost gave up and switched to the easy mode so many times, I managed to finally finish them. I don't think I've ever put so many different colors together, so I'm not really sure of the result yet.

But enough with the ramblings, here they are! :)


01-05 » MONOCHROMATIC - a single hue with different shades
06-10 » ANALOGOUS - colors next to each other on the wheel; a primary color and its various shades
11-15 » COMPLEMENTARY - two colors opposite to each other on the color wheel
16-20 » TRIADIC - colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel

▸ if you take any icon, credit kitamikeita or melodyoftears
▸ comments are wonderful
▸ textless icons are not bases
▸ feel free to watch

Tags: - icons, tv: izombie
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