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#17 - twenty øne piløts (20)

Well, it's december. More accurately, it's the end of december.
Apparently I can manage to post only every six months or so, good to know. I mean, don't get me wrong, I try. But sadly I have less free time than before that I can dedicate to make icons.

Fortunately, this time the stars aligned: I had some time, I wanted to do a set on twenty one pilots for quite a while, this month's theme of monthlyinspo was musically.

twenty øne piløts is my favorite band ever. I love every single song. I saw them in concert two years ago and I will again next year and I can't wait and I'm so excited. If you don't know them, try to listen to a few songs. Maybe you don't like them but maybe you do. Fangirl moment is over.

In the cut down below I wrote the title of which song I chose for each icon. I divided every row by album, in the first there are two. I also incuded the links *wink wink* :)

+ last icon post of the year


[albums + songs]

01-05 ⌀ twenty one pilots + regional at best
car radio / forest / fall away / glowing eyes / holding on to you
06-10 ⌀ vessel
ode to sleep / truce / house of gold / trees / fake you out
11-15 ⌀ blurryface
heavydirtysoul / goner / lane boy / message man / we don't believe what's on tv
16-20 ⌀ trench
my blood / pet cheetah / levitate / bandito / morph

▸ if you take any icon, credit kitamikeita or melodyoftears
▸ comments are wonderful
▸ textless icons are not bases
▸ feel free to watch

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