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#21 - brainwashed and feeling fine - 50 icon textures // + 12 color palettes

✗ D O W N L O A D ✗

I've wanted to make another texture pack for years but I never got around to it. I always end up doing something else with my free time. Anyway, this past year (actually I don't recall how long ago I started lol) I began making them a few at a time now and then for fun, until I had at least 50. So now here we are. Of course, I finished them a while ago and I'm posting them fashionably late as always.

In fact, I also used them here and there in my own icons for some time now. You can say I beta tested them lol

And at some point I felt like making a couple of color palettes, but since I won't be making a post just for them, I still wanted to dump them here, because yay colors and why not.

They're also on colourlovers (just click on them).

[a few examples]

and then I really, really abused this one:

[12 color palettes]
Sparkling Tide Pearly Backyard
Eccentric Ballet Pastel Creeper
Modern Vintage Capricious Wanderer
Shredded Tapestry Bursting Midnight
Muted Garden Cornflower Lilly
Russian Cadet Ruffled Feathers

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